National Science Foundation Grants: Infrastructure

Following the innovations of the recently ended Human and Social Dynamics (HSD)
priority area, the Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences (SBE) now
encourages submission of research proposals to the regular SBE programs covering Infrastructure grants.

We now encourage proposals for infrastructure development to our programs after discussion with the most relevant SBE Program Officer. This includes but is not limited to cyberinfrastructure, instrumentation, shared data bases, repositories, consortia, etc. SBE will consider both free-standing proposals for infrastructure and requests for research resources not typically available within the context of SBE research proposals.

There are no special competitions or new programs for these three areas. Relevant proposals will be submitted to an existing SEE program according to the program's regular target or deadline dates.

One of the key topics of HSD-funded work in each of these three areas concerns the relation between human activities and environmental change. We will continue to accept and encourage proposals on this topic both through the SBE programs and through cross-cutting competitions going beyond the Directorate.

Links to SBE's programs and target dates, including Program Officer information, are available at:

For the Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences:
For the Division of Social and Economic Sciences:

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