Teaching and Research: Resources for Teaching and Researching the History of Science

The Society has constructed and collected a number of electronic resources useful for teaching and doing research in the history of science. Explore them using the links below.

Introduction to the History of Science in Non-Western Traditions updated edition now on-line

Teaching and In-Class Activities (not currently available)

Compiled by the HSS Committee on Education, these activities are proven winners in and out of the classroom.

Bibliographic Essays and Guides:

Reading the History of Science: A List of Good Places to Start, by A. Bowdoin Van Riper
Life Sciences in the Twentieth Century, by Garland E. Allen
Russian and Soviet Science and Technology, by Loren R. Graham
The History of Science: A Guide for Undergraduates, by Michael Crowe (not currently available)

Other Collected Links:

Research Tools
  1. Papers and Manuscripts of Noted Scientists
  2. Electronic Resources (Webliographies, Databases, Video Lists, Listservs)

Funding Tools
  1. Grants, Prizes, and Short-Term Fellowships
  2. Jobs, Post-Doctoral Fellowships, Longer-Term Fellowships

HSTM Online Bibliographic Database (Members Only)

Compiled through the profession efforts of HSS, the Society for the History of Technology, the Wellcome Trust, and the Instituto e Museo di Storia della Scienze, this Internet database contains over 245,000 bibliographic entries on primary and secondary sources in the history of science, technology, and medicine.

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