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What are the good books? It's hard to know which sources to trust when you enter a new field. Four leading scholars have contributed bibliographic essays that serve as solid introductions to their fields of specialization. These articles first appeared in the HSS Newsletter in 1988 and 1989. Online versions are now available.

Reading the History of Science: A List of Good Places to Start, by A. Bowdoin Van Riper

Russian and Soviet Science and Technology, by Loren R. Graham

Life Sciences in the 20th Century, by Garland E. Allen

The Scientific Revolution, by Richard S. Westfall

Now available is an online version of an article which appeared in the HSS Newsletter in 1988. Focusing on public history careers for historians of science, Jeffrey Sturchio's essay discusses the opportunities available to historians of science in public history.

Historians of Science and the "Real World", by Jeffrey L. Sturchio

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