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Charge of the Women's Caucus

The Women's Caucus of the History of Science focuses on the role and status of women in the profession. The Caucus also serves as a forum for those interested in the history of women, as well as the wider role of gender in science, medicine, and technology. The co-chairs of the Caucus act as a resource for the History of Science Society on questions pertinent to the role and status of women in the profession and in the Society. The Caucus reports to the Executive Council on its activities, and is affiliated with the Committee on Research and the Profession.

The Annual business meeting of the Caucus is scheduled each year at the annual meeting of the History of Science Society. Caucus meetings are open to all members of the Society and the Caucus encourages participation of all society members concerned with issues appropriate to the Caucus.

The business of the Caucus is decided at the annual meeting by the members present and voting. Throughout the year, the Caucus is guided by the two co-chairs. Co-chairs serve two-year terms, with a new co-chair elected at each annual business meeting by the members present and voting for a two-year term to commence the following January. The business of the Caucus includes, but is not limited to, conducting employment and pre-employment surveys of the profession broadly defined; establishing and maintaining communication networks among members of the Caucus and other persons interested in the work of the Caucus (these may include a directory of scholars and a Web page, among other formats); organizing paper sessions for the History of Science Society meetings and other pertinent professional organizations as appropriate; and other relevant activities described and voted for by the membership.

The Caucus raises no dues directly. Each year the co-chairs develop a budget that is submitted to the History of Science Society for its approval and funding. The current co-chairs of the Women's Caucus are Georgina Montgomery and Constance Clark.

Women's Caucus Past Co-Chairs

Minutes of the Women's Caucus Meetings

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    History of Women in Science Prize

    The History of Women in Science Prize is awarded annually since 1987 to the author of an outstanding contribution to the history of women in science published in the past four years. The prize alternates between books and scholarly articles. Included in the topic "women in science" are discussions of women's activities in science, analyses of past scientific practices that deal explicitly with gender, and investigations regarding women as viewed by scientists. They may relate to medicine, technology, and the social sciences as well as the natural sciences.

    Recipients of the History of Women in Science Prize

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