The Society: Officers and Committees of the History of Science Society

Executive Committee


Angela Creager, Princeton University


Janet Browne, Harvard University


Marsha Richmond, Wayne State University


Adam Apt, Peabody River Asset Management


Bernard V. Lightman, York University

Executive Director

Robert J. Malone, History of Science Society (ex officio)

HSS Council


Daniela Bleichmar, University of Southern California
Sander Gliboff, Indiana University
Tania Munz, Northwestern University
Carla Nappi, University of British Columbia
Zuoyue Wang, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


Michael D. Gordin, Princeton University
Sarah E. Igo, Vanderbilt University
Paul Lucier, Independent Scholar
Lissa L. Roberts, University of Twente
Conevery Bolton Valencius, University of Massachusetts, Boston


Katharine Anderson, York University
Cathryn Carson, University of California, Berkeley
Erik M. Conway, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jan Golinski, University of New Hampshire
John Harley Warner, Yale University

Past President

Lynn K. Nyhart, University of Wisconsin, Madison

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Chairs of Standing Committees


James Evans, University of Puget Sound

Honors and Prizes

Sander Gliboff, Indiana University

Meetings and Programs

Rachel Ankeny, University of Adelaide

Nominating Committee

Sally Gregory Kohlstedt, University of Minnesota


Joseph Dauben, Graduate Center - CUNY

Research and the Profession

Carla Nappi, University of British Columbia

Committee on Finances

Adam Apt, HSS Treasurer

Caucus Chairs

Women's Caucus

Co-Chair, Gina Rumore, University of Minnesota (2014-2015)
Co-Chair, Constance Clark, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (2012-2014)

Joint Caucus for Socially Engaged Philosophy and History of Science

Co-Chair, Jane Maienschein, Arizona State University
Co-Chair, Sandra Mitchell, University of Pittsburgh

Graduate and Early Career Caucus

Co-Chair, Rachel Mason Dentinger, Imperial College London
Co-Chair, Sandy Clark, Case Western Reserve University

HSS at Work

Co-Chair, Carin Berkowitz, Chemical Heritage Foundation
Co-Chair, Tania Munz, Northwestern University


Other Society Officials

Washington Representative

Amy Crumpton, AAAS

Editor of the Current Bibliography

Stephen Weldon, University of Oklahoma

Editor of Osiris

Andrea Rusnock, University of Rhode Island

Representative to National Humanities Alliance

Robert J. Malone, History of Science Society


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